These are Rood Food's 'Terms of Service' that you agree to when you register.

The techie bits

  • You'll normally need a tablet, laptop or desktop computer with internet access. You'll also need software that can read a basic .xls spreadsheet. (That's so that older and lite versions of Excel, and clones such as Open Office or Google Docs should still work. If you feel this may be problematic, please contact us.)
  • For each order cycle, we provide a standard list on a spreadsheet, which you fill in at home, rename with your own name and return as an email attachment. Please retain the .xls extension when renaming.
    • Example: 2020-01_roodfood_gilbert&george.xls (embedded spaces are OK)


  • There is no fee to join and no 'annual' membership.
  • You can order through Rood Food, buy overstocks or join any other members-only activities immediately you are signed up.
  • You can notify us by email at any time if you wish to leave Rood Food.  Other than settlement of any outstanding bills for orders, there is no penalty.
  • We'll contact members who have gone quiet for a while and if necessary take their names off the active mailing list.


  • You don't need to order every time, although you should do so at least twice per year
  • We may supply a login and password for access to an online catalogue, for example Essential Trading. Please keep these details private, and follow instructions about use of the catalogue.
  • Each order should be for a minimum of £25 including any VAT.  There is no maximum order value, although for large orders we may at our discretion ask for a part-payment upfront.
  • You should collect your orders at the agreed time (we're happy to make alternative collection arrangments but would appreciate these then being honoured). Location is usually Highfield Crescent, Holyrood Avenue or nearby (SO17 postcode).
  • We will provide a final invoice including any adjustments. We ask that you pay this within 48 hours of collecting your order, either online or by phone.


  • To emable us to do what we do, we ask for your name, street address, email and at least one phone number when you join. If later you need to change anything or would like to see what we're holding, just let us know. 
  • These details are stored securely, and are accessible only to the co-ordinators. If there is a possibility that contact details might need to passed to another member for any reason, we will seek your permission first.
  • Details will not be passed on to any third party without your permission.
  • We'll normally hold on to your contact details for up to three years after you have either asked to leave or we have taken you off the active list. However, we can remove all trace immediately if you'd prefer.

Any other business...

  • You should be prepared and able to undertake at least one task a year.  This might be desk-based (checking codes and prices for example) or more active (helping to split up the deliveries).
  • There's an Annual General Meeting, usually held in January, which all active members can attend with voting rights. These Terms of Service are largely based on the Constitution, which may be discussed or amended at the AGM.
  • The co-ordinators can at their discretion suspend or refuse or withdraw membership from an individual.
  • While there is currently no formal cap on numbers, we may review this occasionally.
  • Please bear in mind that
    • we're doing this on a voluntary basis and while we aim to please, we're not always perfect
    • we're a community based bulk buying group, not a shop.
  • You don't need to be vegan, veggie or a part-time tree-hugger - though maybe it helps tongue-out

Questions? You may find the answers under other sections of How it works.