For every cycle, we set up a new order form for members, based on products and prices shown in the wholesaler's latest catalogue. 

Both Infinity and Essential issue new catalogues every two months: Jan/Feb, March/April etc.  Because special offers comes and go, and things fluctuate generally, it's important to work from the current catalogue.

The Rood Food order form carries a selection of around 50-60 items. Most of these are popular staples, such as flour, rice, pasta, cereals, lentils, tinned beans, tomato products, dried fruit, nuts and household items. But we also like to include some different things, including special offers and recommendations from members!  So the selection changes each time.

You may order most items on the order form in any quantity you wish. Certain lower-value items must be ordered in multiples, for example 3 tins of haricot beans. This is shown on the order form. 

Some members also include additional items not on the standard list, for example a case of a favourite tea, or a large bag of porridge oats.  Here, you will need to add the details manually at the end of the standard list.

The form will calculate the cost to you of each item, and the totals. (Also, please check through the slightly smaller print before placing your first order.)

Order forms, along with the overstocks list, should be available for download shortly.  Until then, if you're not yet a member, please drop us a note and we can email them to you.