Here is what you may want to know before you sign up for Rood Food membership or log in for the first time.

Joining Rood Food

Sign up using the link on the Log in / join page. This confirms your membership of Rood Food and gives you access to extra facilities on the website.

The registration information is based around the things that, after six year's experience, we have found are really needed from time to time. Use of details is covered in the the slightly smaller print towards the end of the form. Your email should be one that you can regularly check. But we don't ask about your birthday, voting intentions or favourite box set.

If you're a couple and would like to receive individual emails, you are welcome to each sign up, but please highlight this in the About Me box. 

If you're signing up as principal contact on behalf of a group of friends, again do confirm that in the About Me box.

You are welcome to add a picture of yourself ("profile image" - maximum 1.9mb). This will be resized.

Certain fields, marked with an asterisk, are mandatory.  Only a limited number of fields may subsequntly be visible (and then only to other members, in limited circumstances).  These include your username but not your real name. Hover over the 'eye' symbol to see the status of individual fields.

Later you can amend  details through My Profile. This is an extra menu option appearing when only when you are logged in.

To keep the spammers at bay, registration is a two-stage process.  After completing the info page and clicking on Register, you'll then be sent an automated email. To activate the account, click on the link.

We monitor membership details regularly.  Any spammish accounts or rubbish details will be deleted immediately - no forewarning or apologies.

Logging in and out

Log in with the username you provided earlier. You may now see some of the menu items change.

While there's an option to stay logged in, we recommend that you use this only on a private device. Otherwise, if you have not actively used your account for a while, it will timeout.

Questions?  Problems?

Here's a link to the Rood Food registration page.

If you forget your username or password, there's a reminder facility on the login dialog box.

For occasional technical issues, you may find a solution among the FAQs.

For other questions or feedback, contact the Rood Food co-ordinators (form on the right for big screens, below for smaller ones). The email account is generally monitored several times a week, more often around the busy times in the order cycle.