Catalogue prices are typically 25-30% below RRP. Larger packs work out even cheaper.

Wholesale prices are shown ex-VAT, and we have to pass on this charge when it occurs. The good news is that many wholefood spreads (jams), cereals and the like are low-sugar and so don't attract VAT. 

Examples of larger (bulk) are a 5 litre container of detergent, 3kg of lentils or 5kg of muesli.

We add a 2% mark-up to cover working capital, administrative costs and any breakages or spoilage.  Any significant surplus is donated to a suitable cause, chosen at the AGM.


When you pick up your order, you will find your original form marked up with any changes (such as items out-of-stock) and with a revised total if necessary.  You'll also receive a statement covering your main order, any overstocks and any other adjustments. Our treasurer holds a copy of this.

You should normally pay through BACS, within 48 hours of collecting your order - bank details are on the order form.  Small ad hoc payments may be made in cash.  We cannot take card or cheque payments.