The Rood Food co-operative idea was hatched in 2011 by a small group of friends and neighbours in the Portswood and Highfield area of Southampton. 

With a shared commitment to good quality, ethically-sourced food, we were also keen to loosen our ties to supermarkets a little. We wanted to help reduce packaging and mileage where we could. And save some money as well!

At the time, there was no ready source of much of this stuff in Southampton. Our local independent bookshop, October Books, stocked a small range of products, and there was no dedicated shop in town - thankfully now have RiceUp. Buying groups came and went, though we had valuable start-up advice from Fruity Nutters (which was closed to new members). Otherwise it was a trek out to Sunnyfields in Marchwood, or the market in Winchester.

So we set up Rood Food Wholefoods Co-operative, a local(-ish) bulk buying group.