This section explains how Rood Food works.

If you then have a question, please use the contact form (on the right for big screens, at the end for small) which goes through to the co-ordinators' email. We'd be very happy to have a chat.


The Rood Food co-operative idea was hatched in 2011 by a small group of friends and neighbours in the Portswood and Highfield area of Southampton. 

Our constitution allows us to make discretionary donations to good causes.

We focus mainly on non-perishable food, plus some household products, toileteries and seasonal goodies.

Groups of friends, for example people in a shared house, are welcome to join Rood Food.

Using wholesale suppliers, we benefit from a wider range, lower prices and sometimes larger packs compared to retail outlets.

For every cycle, we set up a new order form for members, based on products and prices shown in the wholesaler's latest catalogue. 

Here is what you may want to know before you sign up for Rood Food membership or log in for the first time.

This article explains how the complete order process works.

Our main suppliers offer a variety of food, toileteries and household goods with a strong emphasis on organic, fair trade and eco-friendly products.

These are the remaining tins, bottles or packets from a complete case that still need a home to go to.

These are Rood Food's 'Terms of Service' that you agree to when you register.

Catalogue prices are typically 25-30% below RRP. Larger packs work out even cheaper.