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These will differ from one page to the next. You will find the links:

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Contact us

"Silly question"

The question may change from time to time. Where the answer is numeric, you should spell out the word rather than give the number.  It seems to be case-insensitive.

Logging in

Forgotten password

There's a multi-stage process to resetting your password. Follow the instructions on screen. You will need access to your registered email and will need to copy a temporary password.

You may see a 'not authorised' message in a red box (see below).  It's safe to ignore this and continue as normal.


While this site is under development, we've inevitably encountered some odd behaviour (from the pages, not from our visitors!) here and there. Here's a list of known funnies, with explanation and/or suggested action.

If you do hit a problem:

Please tell us (a) whether or not you were logged in (b) which page you were on or trying to get to (c) the wording of any warning or error message. Just saying "it won't work" without any context is unlikely to help us identify the cause. Thank you!.

Error messages 

Error: you are not authorised to view this resource

This wording (in a red box) can occur when you had initially failed to log in, due to incorrect password. Although a subsequent attempt had been successful, the system produces this message. At the same time, you are in fact now able to see members-only pages that were previously hidden. In this situation, please ignore the message.

Error: Please log in or sign up to view or modify your profile [or other function]

Occuring some time after you had first logged in.  Due to inactivity, the session had timed out so you will need to log in again.

Warning: You can't access the private section of this site

You might be trying to view a page that is visible only to certain users. Alternately, your user name may have privileges that don't match the current site layout.  Please contact the co-ordinators, explaining which page you were trying to access.