Rood Food Wholefood Co-operative.

We're a wholefoods bulk buying group, aka a co-operative, based loosely around the Portswood area of Southampton.  And while we love all things green and organic, and many of us are veggie or vegan, we're only slightly Rood. The name comes from Holyrood Avenue, where some of us live. You can find out about our history.

If you are thinking about joining, first have a look through How Rood Food Works. Get in touch with us through the contact form (on the right for big screens, foot of the page for mobiles and tablets), and perhaps then come along to a pick-up morning for a chat.  There is no membership sign-up or fee.

You can register for Rood Food or log in subsequently, on the Login / join page.

Rood Food 2021-22 order dates

These are our target dates for the year, subject to any further lockdown.  Most deliveries are from Infinity, with January and July provisionally from a complementary source. All dates shown here are Fridays, although January/July deliveries may be on the Thursday.

28 July (Thursday - Essential Trading, including chilled & frozen goods)

23 September

25 November

Currently, collection can remain socially distanced for those who prefer, on either the evening of the delivery date or shortly afterwards.  Location remains Highfield Crescent, Holyrood Avenue or thereabouts.  

Alternative sources ...

If you can't wait until our next delivery, then do consider October Books for non-perishable food, toileteries, cleaning materials and - yes - books. And of course  Rice Up in town.

Above all

Eat well, and stay safe ;-)